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Which TV Shows to Watch on Starz:

Starz is one of the biggest premium cable and streaming competitors. There are several things that you can access through the Starz subscription. You can not only access their original series and documentaries but get access to more than 1000 movies. You can watch movies of every genre from classics to recently released in theaters. They provide several movies and TV shows to their subscribers. These are some of the best TV Shows to watch on Starz:

Which TV Shows to Watch on Starz:

Starz has some of the very popular TV shows on their platform, such as Power, Outlander, Ash vs. Evil Dead, Black Sails, The Girlfriend Experience, Survivor’s Remorse, Spartacus, Party Down, etc. Here is a list of top picks from where you can start watching.


It is an American crime drama television series, co-executive produced by Curtis Jackson. Courtney Kemp Agboh is the one who created this show. Power is one of the most-watched television series on the Starz platform. Here is the summary of what the show is about:

James “Ghost” St. Patrick is a wealthy drug dealer in New York City that supplying the city’s elite. But he doesn’t want to live his previous life anymore. Instead, he started a nightclub and want to build a Fortune 500 business and shed his illegal trade. Now, you must have to balance these two contrasting worlds while dealing with personal and marital issues. To make the breakaway harder, Tommy Egan, his business partner does not want to leave the drug business. However, Assistant US Attorney Angela Valdes – St. Patrick’s first love and his ex-girlfriend must have to investigate the drug empire, without knowing he is the kingpin.

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Outlander is a drama television series that is based upon Diana Gabaldon’s travel book series Outlander. This show is a mix of action-adventure, sci-fi fantasy, and historical fiction that moves at a steady pace. As the story goes on slowly, you can soak up all the information and enjoy the show without getting bored.

Once Claire Randall served as a British Army nurse during World War II.  She is now enjoying her honeymoon with her husband Frank in Scotland. Her husband is an M16 officer who is looking forward to a new career as an Oxford historian. After that, Claire is transported to 1743, into a mysterious world, where her life and freedom were threatened. In order to survive that situation, she marries Jamie Fraser, a Scots warrior with a complicated past. Because of the passionate relationship, Claire is caught between two completely different men in two inconsistent lives.


Spartacus is one of the most prestigious TV series, which was ended back in 2013. This series is based on the Thracian gladiator who led slave rebellions against the Romans from 73 to 70 BCE. This show is mainly focused on the last of these rebellions, The third Servile War. This war saw Italy and the surrounding territories directly threatened and incapable of suppressing the slave gladiator revolt. Andy Whitfield played the role of Spartacus in the first season until 2011 when he died from cancer. Liam McIntyre assumed the role in the onward seasons.

The Missing:

You might see a similar plot before like The Missing. A British family of three made a trip to northern France. Suddenly, the car breaks down on its way and they must have to find shelter in a nearby town. Later, Tony Hughes lost (father/husband) lost this five-year-old son Oliver in a crowded local bar. After eight years later, he is divorced and still looking for the boy, although the boy is now 13 years old.

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Black Sails:

It is an action-adventure series that had an iffy beginning. But, if you are sick with first season, then we suggest you to watch until the second season, it won’t disappoint you.

This show is a prequel to the classic Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel Treasure Island. It is mainly pirated adventure that centers on the tales of Captain Flint. He is very popular throughout the West Indies for being the brilliant and most feared pirate of all the Golden Age pirates. In the year 1715, Flint fights for the survival of New Providence Island – a dissolute paradise teeming with fortune seekers, prostitutes, and thieves – in the wake of threats from Spanish and British forces. After that, Captain Flint aligned with Eleanor Guthrie, who is the daughter of the local kingpin, to hunt the ultimate prize and ensure his people’s survival. But there standing the rival captains and perhaps the biggest obstacle is John Silver, who shoot against him.

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