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Validating with the Better Doctor Inc.

Inaccurate data in the medical sector causes huge threats to both data damage as well as life! Numerous methods have been undertaken to ensure the transparency of data and reduce inaccuracy. Regulators of the medical section have undertaken numerous programs and data directories rolling out up to date directories to the insurance provider.

Better Doctor –Plan provider and validity registration

Better Doctor is one such digital and automated agency facilitating the easy connection between doctors and patients. By working with the health plane provider, groups of stratus and health system, Better Doctor provides accurate and excellent quality data to the marketplace as a whole.

The tools employed by Better Doctor are innovative providing he required amount trust transparency and confidence while the process of finding the medical practitioner becomes easy.

Affiliated Health care provider

Better Doctor is trusted and implemented by 29 major health plans including, Washington Health Plan Finder, Western Health Advantage, Humana, Quest Analytics and many more! The three-fold programs of Better Doctor are:

  • Data Accuracy.
  • Augmented Member Experience.
  • Network Competence.

Better Doctor enables the practicing doctors and the healthcare professionals to enable a smooth channel for the patients to find them! Registered and license doctors require to validate their information with the health insurance company and stay compliant with regulation.

Possibilities with Better Inc

By validating, doctors can take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Sharing it with the plethora of health plans, Better Doctor eases the centralized load.
  • The health plans and schedules are kept in place to maintain both the law requirements and health plan contracts.
  • Instead of repeatedly updating the information again and again to multiple health companies, Better Doctor will update the doctors’ info helping various patients to reach out more conveniently.
  • Complying with new provider directory law in 27 states, doctors would not face the risk of contract termination or delayed payments.
  • With single validation, doctors can get access to the online self-reporting tools where they can easily report the change in plans and save much of their time.

The verification of the information with the major health care providers comes in the wake of the following rules and law regulations:

Federal Regulations:

  • Medicaid Managed Care.
  • Medicare Advantage Standard.
  • Marketplace/Exchange (Machine Readable Standards).

California State Regulations

  • California Senate Bill 137.
  • California Department of Insurance Network.

Frequency of verifying information

As per the Medicare Advantage Rules, the health plans must reach out to their providers every quarter, i.e. after every three months.

As per the CA SB-137, at least once in every six months, the health plans must reach out to providers.

Better Doctors aims at simplifying the directories of the consumers with the providers to a great extent. Doctors must keep an alert to the notifications and promptly respond to all the verification requites from other vendors and health plans. The verification requests may not fall under the affiliation but the doctors require responding to those entire verification requests.

The consequence of not validating information:

As per Senate Bill 137, if a doctor fails to complete the verification, the following consequences will be implemented:

  • Elimination from health plan prints.
  • Removal from online directories.
  • A regulated pattern of non-responsiveness.
  • Terminations of the agreements of the health plan participation.

While purchasing the coverage, customers require the full and correct information about their plans as well as about the healthcare provider affiliated to them.

Validating in Better Inc Portal

The process of validating is very simple.

Provider Validation

Doctors can now validate their information and modify it as per regulations.

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