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Visa Ready Link Network by MAP- A detailed depiction of access

Visa in partnership with MAP (Member Access Processing) has brought forth brand new innovative ATM service! Known as ReadyLink ATM Network, this network facilitates quick and hassle-free loading of funds into Visa Prepaid Cards in a safe and secure manner. No need to separately make the transfer of funds. You can easily add funds to your prepaid cards easily from the ATM and the selected retail locations.

Growing demands for ReadyLink

What makes ReadyLink smooth? ReadyLink uses the payment acceptance framework of the load partner. Once the fund is loaded instantly on the site, it is ready to use again for purchase and transaction. Right now, 80 million US citizens do not have full access to traditional banking facilities and limited knowledge about credit. With the Visa Reloadable Card, these consumers can easily access all the benefits of mainstream financial activities. They can easily enjoy the convenience, security, and reliability of a Visa Card.

The best part about prepaid cards is that one does not need to have a great credit score, credit history, or even a prior bank account! Consumers can now easily add funds to their card accounts using Visa ReadyLink feature from more than 1000 ATM locations accepting cash!

Where can I utilize Visa ReadyLink Service

Easy and fast, Visa ReadyLink does not require any particulars to reload their funds. With these features, consumers can load their funds to the places where they reside, shop or work. The prominent locations nationwide where you can reload your Visa ReadyLink-enabled cards are:

  • Pak ‘n Save
  • 7-Eleven® ***
  • Safeway
  • Genuardi’s
  • Randalls
  • Tom Thumb
  • Carrs
  • Dominick’s
  • Vons
  • Pavilions.

Eligibility Criteria

The only eligibility for obtaining Visa ReadyLink enabled Prepaid Card is you need to have a Visa Prepaid Card beforehand. Else, while applying for your Visa Prepaid Card, you need to check with the bank or financial organization issuing the card, if it is Visa ReadyLink enabled. Each bank has its own eligibility criteria for issuing prepaid cards. A primary criterion which is common is:

  • Applicant must reach the age of adult(18 years or older in some states)
  • Applicants must be a legal citizen of the United States of America.

Details on Visa ReadyLink usage

  • To use Visa Reloadable Card, please look out for the Visa ReadyLink symbol at the back of your prepaid card. You can confirm the same from your card issuer too.
  • Secondly, look out for the ReadyLink symbol at the merchant establishments’ registrar, front desk, kiosk or doors. If the symbol is present, then the merchant can easily reload your card via Visa ReadyLink.
  • To find the participating merchant near your location, refer to the Visa ReadyLink Locator Map from www.visa.com/readylink. You can either enable the location of your device and initiate an auto search, or you can enter the name or zip code of the area you intend to search for and click on the Search icon.

Visa ReadyLink Locator

  • The pointer will locate all the merchant establishments with ReadyLink on the map. A search result list will also be displayed along with the address and contact number of the location. If your location does not show any ReadyLink merchants, you can search using nearby places.
  • On locating the ReadyLink enabled merchant, after purchase, take the prepaid card to the cashier at the counter or the self-service kiosk. The cashier will swipe the card and take the amount of cash that you want to add. At the self-service kiosk, you need to swipe the card and place the cash on prompt.
  • Take the receipt and the fund will be immediately added to your Prepaid Card on approval from your card provider.

Additional Info on MAP ReadyLink

  • Visa ReadyLink is available on selected Visa Prepaid Card and issued by the selected card issuer and is optional. Please check with your card issuer if your Visa Prepaid Card is ReadyLink enabled or can be converted to one.
  • Retailer and merchant may apply their own Visa ReadyLink reloading fee.
  • Only the participating 7-Eleven locations have till now enabled ReadyLink. Please check before going for reloading.

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Customer Care:

  • For any queries, requests or complaints, you should first connect with your card issuer or bank.
  • In case you want to contact Visa, refer to the https://usa.visa.com/ > Get Support>Visa Prepaid Cards.
  • To connect with MAP (Member Access Processing), visit https://maprocessing.com/contact/ and connect with your desired contact method.



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