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Instantly Enjoy Your Digital Entertainment with Sony UltraViolet:

The Home Entertainment and Sound fragment offer LCD TVs, home sound, Blu-beam Disk players and recorders, and memory-based versatile sound gadgets. The Imaging Products and Solutions fragment gives advanced imaging items, proficient arrangements, and clinical merchandise. The Mobile Communications fragment manages cell phones and internet providers organizations. The Semiconductors fragment gives picture sensors and camera modules.

The Financial Services fragment deals with the life coverage and non-disaster protection tasks and banking business. The All Other portion incorporates (PC) business, abroad Blu-beam Disk, DVD and CD assembling, and battery business. The organization was established by Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka on May 7, 1946, and is settled in Tokyo, Japan.

Instantly Play or Download Videos with Sony UltraViolet:

  • Sony UltraViolet Collection is an internet-based library of films and TV shows. With it, you may immediately watch your cherished recordings on your PCs, tablets, and cell phones anytime, anyplace in the wake of recovering your recovery code and making two records. You can even impart your assets to up to 6 relatives with one record. The cycle is basic and straightforward. All you really want to do is a couple of steps.
  • Purchase a movie or TV show like a DVD or Blu-ray.
  • Visit the official webpage www.sonypictures.com/uvredeem
  • Next, add your redemption code found on either the sticker or insert of your DVD or Blu-ray disc and press the button marked ‘Redeem’ to get started.
  • Choose where you purchase your movies or shows and click ‘Continue’.

redeem sony ultraviolet digital copy

  • Follow the instructions to create your Sony Pictures and UltraViolet accounts by providing the required details such as your name, date of birth, zip code and email address, etc.
  • Agree to several privacy policies and terms of use for security reasons.
  • Now, you have successfully added your movies or TV shows to your UltraViolet Collection.

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How to Watch a Digital Movie from Sony UltraViolet Account:

  • To view movies from an UltraViolet digital library on a TV, you will need an Internet video device and certain Internet apps. This solution will provide information regarding which Sony® Internet video devices can be used and what app should be used to link the Ultraviolet account to view the movie.
  • On the remote control, press the Image button.
  • Select the All Apps icon.
  • Use the arrow buttons to select Flixster.
  • Press the ENTER button to display the Flixster content.
  • If Flixster does not appear in the apps menu of the Google TV, you can download it using the Google Play store app.
  • Sony Internet video competent Blu-beam Disc player, Network Media players, and select TVs:
  • Not all Sony Blu-beam Disk players, Network Media players, and TVs with Internet video ability support the Vudu administration. To check whether your gadget upholds this application, ensure that the most recent framework programming (firmware) has been downloaded and afterward glance through the Internet video applications from the menu of the Blu-beam Disk player to check whether the application shows up.

Sony Contact Number:

To get further assistance you can call on the toll-free number 1800-103-7799.

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