– Check Claim Status Of Myclaimsagent Uploaded Documents

How to Check Claim Status of Myclaimsagent Uploaded Documents

Crawford and Company has conveyed the most recent inventive item suite for its partiality claims business. Customers and intermediaries are currently ready to utilize the new Affinity Portal to submit claims, look into their status, and speak with Crawford agents web based utilizing a PC or any significant advanced cell and tablet gadget. Furthermore, the petitioner self-administration innovation called MyClaimsAgent permits inquirers to submit supporting case documentation on the web or utilizing cell phones.

The new item suite drastically improves customer and inquirer experience while altogether improving operational proficiency and work item quality through guidelines based mechanization. The innovation is adjustable to explicit needs and permits custom marking by safety net providers.

About Myclaimsagent

An instinctive bit by bit interface makes MyClaimsAgent and Affinity Portal simple to use for first-time inquirers. Furthermore, rules-based robotization implants adaptable work stream into the procedure, start to finish. When the case is submitted, Crawford colleagues are then ready to rapidly audit and follow up on doled out cases. MyClaimsAgent accompanies multilingual ability and permits custom marking by safety net providers. The site innovation consents to the Payment Card Industry information standard for associations that handle cardholder data for paid ahead of time, charge, credit, e-tote, ATM, and retail location cards.

Proclivity Portal-which is being sent all inclusive makes it simple for dealers and safety net providers to safely present a case by means of the Internet and cell phones. It additionally permits completely computerized framework to-framework claims admission, decreasing manual information passage. The innovation capacities incorporate inquirer qualification check and configurable approval instruments. Liking Portal’s adaptability permits customization of cases on the front-or back-end, in view of customers’ needs, empowering all gatherings associated with the case to work together on each progression in the cases admission and accommodation process.

Both Affinity Portal and MyClaimsAgent are accessible on the web and on cell phones. To get to Affinity Portal from Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry cell phones or tablets, clients will download a Crawford Mobile Application from the application store of the related gadget: Google Play for Android, iTunes App Store for iPhone/iPad, and App World for BlackBerry.

MyClaimsAgent and Affinity Portal are incorporated with Crawford’s cases the board framework, which is utilized as the back-end framework for recording guarantee subtleties and dockets. My Claim Agent is an online entryway where clients can without much of a stretch enter their cases can check the status of a case on the web. Entering the online case at requires a few minutes alongside not many fundamental records for accommodation.

The client can guarantee whenever as this administration is liberated from cost and accessible for every minute of every day hours. Archives can be transferred individually as it is the restriction of the framework or on the off chance that you need to transfer different reports, at that point you have picked the alternative of “Pick File” choice.

How to check the claim status of Myclaimsagent Uploaded Documents

To check it go to,

In this place at the top right corner choose your language.

Here, at the middle left part enter the info,

  • Last Name

  • Claim Number

  • You need to understand the terms

Check Claim Status of Myclaimsagent

  • Then, you must tap on the button, ‘Submit’.

Some commonly asked questions on Myclaimsagent

  • Where is the closest Broadspire Branch Claim Office?

To find the closest Broadspire Commercial case office, call them on the cost free at 1-866-830-2383 somewhere in the range of 8:15am and 4:30pm CST or basically email your request to them at

  • Is an agent doled out right away?

An agent is doled out that day the case is gotten. In the event that the case is gotten toward the finish of the business day an agent won’t be doled out until the accompanying industry day. Agents will consistently be relegated inside a 24 hour time span.

  • Will the agent get in touch with me or do I have to call first?

If the agent needs more data, they will be in contact with you. On the off chance that you have any further inquiries or you might want to keep an eye on the status of your case, the agent can be reached at the Branch Claim Office allocated to the case.

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  • My worker needs clinical treatment right away. How would you know whether the bills will be paid?

In the wake of documenting the case, approval must be acquired through the relegated Branch Claim Office. The worker must get duplicates of all receipts, administrative work, and charging, the documentation ought to be sent to the agent. The agent will decide repayment as it applies for the treatment.

Customer help

To get customer help you must call on this number, 1-855-276-2410. You can also write to, P.O. Box 792190 San Antonio TX 78279-2190.

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