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Check American Express Gift Card Balance:

Customer relationships are at the heart of American Express’s business. By delivering exceptional services, products, and experiences every day, Amex strives to be essential to their customers & promise to have their backs in everything they do. Since its establishment in 1850, American Express has always worked to make a difference in its customers’ lives.

The company’s vision is to provide the best customer experience globally, and its mission is to become indispensable for its customers by serving various financial services & products to help them to achieve their aspirations. The American Express Gift Cards are issued by American Express Prepaid Card Management Corp.

The American Express Gift Cards can be utilized & accepted virtually anywhere. The U.S. Gift Card funds do not have an Expiry Date, and there are no extra fees or charges after purchase, and the Cards can be easily replaced in case it is lost or stolen. So, next time if you are required to say Happy Birthday, Thank You, or Congratulations, then you can say it with an American Express Gift Card that shows you care.

Process to Activate your American Express (AMEX) Gift Card:

For all the important people in your life, you can easily select from more than 20 American Express (Amex) Gift Card designs to find a perfect gift. You can also avail an Amex Business Gift Card for your Star Employees or Loyal Customers. Alternatively, an Amex Personal Gift Card for family & friends. Gift Cards are available with gift values ranging from $25 to $3,000, along with numerous benefits which makes the Amex Gift Cards a thoughtful gift for any occasion.

There are a few simple processes to Activate your American Express Gift Card, please go through the below steps to do it properly:

Online Activation:

If you have already purchased your American Express Gift Card at then in most cases, your Amex Gift Card is ready for use immediately. Moreover, you can also activate your Amex Card by following through the below process:

  • Firstly, you have to visit the online Activation Portal of American Express Gift Card and get logged in.
  • You can also directly tap on the link provided
  • Here, you have to put down your 15-Digit Card Number (without any spaces), Expiration Date of the Card (MM / YY), 4-Digit Security Code (printed on the backside of the card), and E-mail Address (Optional), etc.
  • Now write down the “Captcha Code”

american express gift card balance

  • And lastly, by tapping on the “SIGN IN” tab below, you’ll be able to Register and Activate your Amex Gift Card.

Please Note: It is highly recommended that you primarily sign your name properly on the backside of your American Express Gift Card, and carefully keep a note of the following information in case your Amex Gift Card is ever stolen or misplaced such as the Gift Card Number, on the front of the Card 4-digit Card Identification Code, on the backside of the Card 3-digit Card Security Code, and Amex Customer Care Service Phone Number.

Activation through Phone:

Alternatively, if you wish to activate your American Express Gift Cards by phone, then you will need to simply contact the number for Amex Gift Card Activation which can be easily be found on the backside of your American Express Gift Card. The number starting with (1 -800) or (1 -888) are toll-free numbers, just call and follow through the telephonic guidelines to finish your activation process carefully. You can also try by making contact with Amex Gift Card Customer Care Service at 1 -888 -846 -4308 to activate your card.

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How to Log In for the American Express (AMEX) Gift Card:

American Express (Amex) Gift Cards, Business Gift Cards, Amex e-Gift Cards, & Business e-Gift Cards can be utilized effectively anywhere in the United States that accepts American Express Cards, but there are also some exceptions. The Amex Gift Card may not be utilized at ATMs or for Recurring Billing. You can directly purchase the Amex Gift Cards utilizing your Discover, Master Card, American Express, or Visa Credit Cards.

To Sign In or Log In for the American Express Gift Card, you should follow these below stated easy steps:

  • Move on to the authoritative website of American Express Card.
  • You can also directly tap on the link provided
  • On the landing webpage, you can easily find the “LOG IN” tab to tap on.
  • Here being deferred on the next page you have to put down your “Account E-mail Address” and “Password” (Only for Registered Users).
  • And finally, by tapping on the “LOG IN” button below, you can simply access the benefits of your card.

How to Report your Lost or Stolen American Express (Amex) Gift Card:

In any circumstances, if you believe that your American Express Gift Card has been stolen or misplaced, you will be required to immediately notify Amex Gift Card Customer Care Service at 1 -888 -846 -4308.

After calling you will be simply asked to provide your Amex Gift Card Number and other related identifying information. AMEX Card cannot provide you a new replacement Gift Card unless you provide your Amex Gift Card Number and all other asked information. If your account record shows a remaining balance on the Gift Card, then AMEX will simply cancel the misplaced Card and freshly issue a replacement Card to you and will add the remaining balance into the new card.

How do to add American Express Gift Card to a Digital Wallet:

American Express (AMEX) Gift Cards & e-Gift Cards can simply be attached to digital wallets, such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay, etc.

Primarily, open the Digital Wallet Application on your device.

And just you have to follow through the on-screen guidelines, along with entering your Card Number manually or by taking a picture of your plastic card.

What to do if you have lost your Card Order Confirmation E-mail:

In any situation, if you have lost your Card Order Confirmation E-mail, then you will be required to contact instantly to American Express Gift Card Assistance at 1 -833 -205 -8622 to receive another fresh Card Order Confirmation E-mail.

Do your American Express e-Gift Card Expire:

Your American Express e-Gift Card has an expiration date of 9 (nine) years from the purchasing date. For your reference, this Date of Expiry is listed on your account. The American Express Gift Card funds do not expire please contact your Amex Gift Card Customer Care Services representative for a replacement of your account number upon account expiration.

Is there an Activation Fee for American Express (AMEX) Gift Cards:

American Express Gift Cards do not charge any Activation Fee. Otherwise, the organization charges a fee at the time of purchase. Therefore, after the initial purchase, you shouldn’t have to give any fees.

Here it is to be noted that the purchasing fee does not affect your Amex Gift Card Balance. For example, if you have purchased a $100 American Express (Amex) Gift Card the purchase fee shall be in addition to the $100 balance.

If you have purchased an American Express (Amex) Gift Card online at the purchase fee charged is $3.95. Therefore, for purchasing a $100 Gift Card the total charges would be $103.95. Some retailers may charge a few extra fees for the initial Card purchase.

Contact Details:

American Express Gift Cards (Customer Care),

PO Box 826,

Fortson, GA 31808

Phone Numbers:

Any Query about American Express Gift Cards or Business Gift Cards (Call): 1 -888 -846 -4308, (7 days per week).

For Query about purchasing your Amex Gift Cards Online (Call): 1 -833 -205 -8622

If you have Purchased your Amex Gift Card at Target (Call): 1 -833 -792 -5087

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American Express Gift Card Activation link:

Amex Gift Card Official Website:

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