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Successfully apply for Capital One automobile financing via Auto Navigator

Purchasing a car can either be due to necessity or due to luxury. Whatever the reason may be, financial for your car is easier than deciding the car you want to opt for. Whether you are buying your first car or adding another SUV in a long line of automobile collection, Capital One will assist you in finding the best financing for the car of your choice.

Capital One and eligible vehicles for Auto Navigator

Starting with as low as 3.24 % annual rate, automobile financing is an easy thing now without any impact on the credit score. The Auto Navigator feature of Capital One makes this job easier. Under this program, you can select the loan amount based on the car you wish to buy. The Auto Finance Navigator effectively personalize your loan amount as well as terms.

With Auto Navigator, you first need to choose the type of vehicle you wish to purchase. Options of the vehicle given are:

  • SUV.
  • Trucks.
  • Sedans.
  • Coupes.
  • Hatchbacks.
  • Convertibles.
  • Wagons.
  • Minivans.
  • Vans.

After choosing, your pre-qualification to the Capital One Auto Loan will be taken into account facilitating the negotiation and discussing purchasing terms to the dealer. The dealer would then ask the borrower to complete the credit application for financing your automobile.

The application sent from the Auto Navigator will be sent to several other lenders apart from Capital One. If the information submitted is constant as matches as per the information with the dealership, Capital One will review and offer the financing terms as mentioned in the prequalification offer.

On fund disbursement, you need to finally sign the retail installment contract with the dealer as the primary creditor.

To initiate the Auto Finance and Pre Qualified offers, you first need to find the participating dealers who are facilitating financing. For that, visit www.capitalone.com/cars and click on Explore Dealers from the menu bar.

Eligibility to get Pre Qualified

In order to get pre-qualified, you need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Finance must be of at least $4000 amount.
  • The automobile must be new or used SUV, truck or minivan for personal utilization.
  • Must be fewer than 12,000 with at least 2010 or newer vehicle models.
  • The participating dealer must have at least one of the vehicles.

Process of Pre Qualification

Next, you need to go through these steps to get pre-qualified ASAP!

Capital One Auto Navigator

  • Specify if you are opting for Joint or Individual application.
  • Click on Next: Personal tab.
  • Fill out the details regarding:
  1. First Name.
  2. Last Name.
  3. Email Address.
  4. Phone Number.
  5. Social Security Number.
  6. Date of Birth.

For joint borrowers, similar info of the co-borrower must be provided under Co Borrower’s Details section underneath.

  • Click on Next: Residence tab.
  • Enter the following details:
  1. Home Address.
  2. City.
  3. State.
  4. Zip Code.
  5. Time of the residence in years and months.
  6. Monthly housing expense.
  7. Type of rent.
  • Click on Next: Employment tab.
  • Enter the details about your employment and income status:
  1. Employment Status.
  2. Name of the Employer(organization or body under which you work)
  3. Job Title.
  4. Time of working in the mentioned organization.
  5. Gross Annual Income.
  • Click on Add another source of income to mention the additional source of income and increase your chance of getting pre-qualified.
  • Click on Click: Review tab.
  • Review all the details entered before submission. Remember, they must be correct as per the records.
  • Agree to Applicant’s Agreement and terms and conditions.
  • Click on Submit Information.

You will show your eligibility status along with the list of possible tailor-made financing deals suited just for your needs. Your info will be sent to Capital One for review. You will receive a communication from the Capital One with the financing offer ASAP!

Next Steps after Prequalification:

  • Visit the nearest participating dealers with the relevant document ant the per qualification offer.
  • From there, log in to your Auto Navigator account.
  • Type the Last Name.
  • Enter the Zip Code.
  • Enter the last 4 digits of Social Security Number.
  • Click on Sign In.
  • Search for the vehicles displayed on respect to the particular dealer’s location. Check the estimated monthly payments and the APRs.
  • Now, from the dealer’s end, fill out the credit application using the exact details entered during the pre-qualification.
  • Sign the contract with the dealer to conclude the process.

Capital One Auto Navigation Support Centre

In case of any queries, requests or concerns, you can always connect through the transparent channels to receive immediate assistance.


Call the number 1.800.689.1789 to speak directly to the Customer Service Representative.

Contact Time:

Monday-Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (E.T.)

Saturday, from 10:00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. (ET)




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