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To shop for a wide range of daily goods at a reasonable price, Walmart is the perfect destination. Previously started as a retail store chain, it is now a global phenomenon with a formidable presence in online platforms as well. Various schemes like Walmart Credit Card, discount crazy sales, free shipping on larger orders some of the unique feature that has made Walmart a global brand. A career in Walmart too sounds as exciting as its brand identity. Walmart believes in a strong mantra “Don’t just work harder. Career better”. Walmart specializes in housing discount department stores, grocery stores, hypermarkets, Sam’s Club retail warehouses, and online e-commerce stores.

Why choose Walmart as an ideal Career Destination

By revenue, Walmart has been ranked as the world’s largest company. As per the 2019 Fortune 500 report; it is earning US$514.405 billion. As per the latest employee report generated in the year 2018, Walmart houses 2.2 million employees globally! That is much larger than the population of many US states and even many countries! The secret to a large number of employees is unimaginable growth in career and scope to work in a myriad of profiles and departments.  Walmart accepts manpower and fresh talents for stores, clubs, corporate divisions, e-commerce, distribution centers, transportation, healthcare, and many more. With such great scope, why not switch to Walmart for a fruitful career?

What are the Requirements to Apply via Walmart Career Section

Contrary to popular belief, it is very simple to apply for your dream career in Walmart. First, you need to recognize your passion and check if your skills and qualifications suit the envisioned department. Once you are sure about that, make a perfect resume with your detail, skills, qualifications, and experience (if any). Turn on your internet connection and start browsing for the job.

Career Alert – Start Applying for jobs

To lookup for jobs in Walmart, no need to look in a third-party job portal. All the applications for vacancies are entertained directly via Walmart’s official website’s career section. Beware of any touts or a third party claiming to get you a spot in an interview. Follow these steps to effectively apply to Walmart. Take this tip: Make a nice profile in LinkedIn with recommendations, a resume, and documents supporting your skills. Why? Read on to know

  • Go to the browser and visit directly at
  • If you want to explore generalized search results, select All career areas from the dropdown. However, if you want to explore a particular department, choose the department where you want to work from the same dropdown.
  • Next search the job title or keyword.
  • Keep it all location, if you are free to work anywhere. However, type the name of the city or state in the second search box if you want to explore location-specific vacancies.
  • Click on the Search.


Submit a Walmart Job Application Online


  • Instantly, you will get a list of requirements and vacancies.
  • Browse through h advertisements and select your desired job profile.
  • Here, you will get information about the job title, location, roles & responsibilities.
  • If it appeals to you, click on the Apply button at the top right.
  • A pop-up will appear with more details regarding eligibility and detailed roles and responsibilities expected by Walmart.
  • Scroll down to start filling up the application form.
  • If you already have a complete profile on LinkedIn, no need to go through filling up.
  • Click on Apply with LinkedIn
  • Your full LinkedIn profile will be shared with the recruiter automatically along with the CV attached. Your job is finished. Continue browsing other vacancies, or close the page.
  • However, if you do not have a profile on LinkedIn, fill-up the form with name, active email address, and valid phone number.
  • Attach the resume and cover letter.
  • You can add your LinkedIn profile if you have any prior work uploaded there.
  • You can also attach your blog or website if you have one.
  • Enter about the source via which you were informed about Walmart vacancies.
  • Provide the details regarding employment tenure, the status of visa or citizenship, race, gender, military experience (if any), etc.
  • After filling up all the requisite details, click on Submit Application.
  • Your info will be saved and will be promptly sent to the recruiter. On shortlisted, you will be intimidated about the interview date via call or email you have provided.

P.S. It is recommended to create a profile on LinkedIn. This way, you do not need to enter all the details repeatedly with each application. Via LinkedIn, you can apply for multiple jobs in various departments.


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