Hamburger Stand Guest Satisfaction Survey- For Best Hamburgers

Hamburger Stand, known formally as the Original Hamburger Stand is a local fast-food chain of western United States of America. Hamburger Stand is a favorite destination for loaded hamburger lovers. The joint has its strong presence with its branches and franchises located widely in California, Colorado, Arizona, Wyoming, and Texas.

Yummy Destination for Hamburgers

Hamburger Stand is known to serve wide varieties of the menu with delectable and unmatched taste and presentation. Apart from its specialties burgers, the fast-food chain also serves dishes like hot dogs, sandwiches, fries, snacks, combo menu, breakfast menu, drinks, and taste-freeze.

Special ones

If you ever order from Hamburger Stand or walk into their joints, do try their special menu which is a combination of the existing popular dishes, new dishes, and redefined dishes from the past. You should surely taste the 5 burgers/corn dogs deal, pastrami all-beef dog, pastrami sandwich, pastrami chili cheese fries, milk chocolate peanut butter cup, Oreo shakes and most importantly dipped dishes with their mysterious yet world-famous chili sauce with meat!

Loved and recommended by all, Hamburger Stand is nothing without the love and constant support of their customers. Apart from the mind-blowing dishes, Hamburger Stand also offers unforgettable customer experience with their prompt service, cleanliness, etiquette, and ownership.

About Hamburger Stand Guest Satisfaction Survey

And Hamburger Stand is constantly evolving its services based on the feedback presented by their valuable customers. That is why, to make the customers part of their growth story, Hamburger Stand has introduced Hamburger Stand Guest Satisfaction Survey!

The survey aims to take direct feedback from the customers and get a good idea about their latest experience with Hamburger Stand. Based on the feedback given by the customers, the Hamburger Stand would make changes from the management level itself. That means by participating in the survey, you are contributing to the betterment of your favorite fast food joint helping it to serve you better shortly.

Hamburger Stand Guest Satisfaction SurveyRequirements and Process

To take part in the survey, you need to have the receipt from Hamburger Stand after your last visit to any of their branch or franchise. Keep the receipt and follow this method to successfully complete the survey and give feedback.

  • Open your browser and visit
  • Take the receipt and enter the 17 digit survey code located at the bottom of your receipt.
  • Click the Start tab.

Hamburger Stand Survey

  • Specify the date of your visit (check receipt).
  • Enter the exact time of your visit(receipt)
  • Under Start, you can also check the language option in Spanish as per your choice.
  • Click on Start to begin the survey.
  • Select the location of Hamburger Stand where you have visited or ordered your food from.
  • Specify if you have visited the said location in person.
  • Keep on clicking the Next button to proceed.
  • Rate your overall satisfaction from the options.
  • Specify your visit type and mode of your order
  • Rate on the aspects like the visual appeal of the dish, accuracy of order, food portion, service speed, and taste,
  • Rate the temperature of food, quality of food, staff ownership, behaviors sand cleanliness.
  • Mention if you faced any issue during your visit and the resolution undertaken.
  • Specify the aforementioned problem according to the options given. If your problem is not listed, select others and write down the problem. You can select multiple options based on your experience.
  • Review the measure undertaken by the restaurant to resolve your issue.
  • Mention if you would like to return to Hamburger Stand again and recommend to others.
  • Write down your opinion. It should be specific.
  • Mention more about order customization, staff behaviors, courtesy, cheerfulness, and communication.
  • Next, you need to give answers to two types of dishes you gave the order for.
  • You also need to give ratings about the specific food items you ordered for.
  • Give personal details like gender, age, annual household income, and race.
  • Write in detail about the behavior of the staff member. It is to be noted that all these written feedback would be shared directly with the management team of Hamburger Stand and would take immediate action if the need arises. It is recommended to keep the tone specific.
  • Bingo! You have successfully completed the survey.

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Contacting Hamburger Stand Customer Support

Apart from the feedback shared, you can also connect directly with the customer service team in case of any request or inconvenience. The team will respond to you within shorthet5s possible TAT.

  • Visit
  • Select the topic of your concern.
  • Specify the restaurant location by using the city, state or zip code.
  • Tick mark Location is not Applicable if the correspondence is generic and has nothing to do with location.
  • Write down the problem or request you want to make in the comment box.
  • Next entre the following customer info:
  1. Name.
  2. Full Address.
  3. Contact Number.
  4. Email Address
  • Click on Submit.



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